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How does it work

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For Brands

Meet Influencers who love your brand!

Match with advocates who want to be part of you. Expand your global reach with authentic content.

  • 💎 Cost saving
    Not hidden fees or no money changes hands
  • 💰 Valuable
    Unlock bigger audiences and reach higher ROIs
  • 👨‍🎤 Diverse
    Engagement from micro influencers all the way up to A-List TV talent
  • ⏰ Time saving
    No more wasted hours of outreach on the wrong people
For Influencers

Instantly connect with Brands you love

Find brands that feel right for you. Spread their story with your following.

  • 💪 Empowering
    You choose the brands you want to work with
  • ✅ Easy
    Create your profile in few clicks
  • 🎁 Rewarding
    Get rewarded and paid
  • 🎉 Fun
    Keep on doing what you love
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